Stories of Impact from the Federal Grants Community: Studying Meteorites in Antarctica

Federal Grant Impact Stories - NASAIf you are a regular to, you are likely accustomed to seeing scores of new federal grant opportunities published every month. What happens after all of those grants are awarded and the funds are spent?

Federal agencies that oversee the spending of grants often share stories of impact on their websites and social media platforms. This week, we are highlighting a few of the most recent success stories. Click here to read Monday’s post.

Antarctic Search for Meteorites (ANSMET) Team

Sometimes, the far reaches of space can be found right here on Earth. The Antarctic Search for Meteorites (ANSMET) team focuses on collecting specimens from meteorites that have broken through the atmosphere and landed on ice along the Transantarctic Mountains.

“Since 1976, ANSMET has recovered more than 25,000 specimens,” notes an article on The Antarctic Sun blog, a U.S. National Science Foundation website.

“The ANSMET specimens are currently the only reliable, continuous source of new, non-microscopic extraterrestrial material, and will continue to be until planetary sample-return missions are successful.”

The program is funded by grants from the Solar System Exploration Division of NASA.

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