9 thoughts on “Release 15.4 Preview: Streamlined Account Management Comes to Grants.gov

  1. Our state agency has only one DUNS. There are multiple divisions, with each division having multiple individual users that access Grants.gov. under their own account. How will this work for us? Do we have to share one profile for the agency, then establish accounts under that?


    1. Hi Leslie, thanks for your question. If each person/applicant at your state agency has a single, personal account for Grants.gov associated with the agency’s DUNS, then this release will not impact those people. The only people who would be impacted at your agency would be those who have multiple personal accounts associated with the same e-mail address.


      1. Hi Richard, These changes won’t go live until Feb. 22. At that time, if you have multiple accounts under one email address, you should be prompted to merge them.


  2. Hi, Currently when applicant fills PDF forms, the grantor agency receives a zip file that contains the PDF forms (in read-only format) and attachments. If applicant starts using online wokspace, will grantor agency continue to receive PDF forms in the application zip file?


    1. Hi Ravi, nothing changes on the grantor agency side. The grantor will receive the application as they always have, no matter if it was completed in Workspace or if it was submitted via the legacy (old) method.


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