It’s Going Away: The Legacy PDF Application Package Will Be Retired.

The legacy PDF application package will be retired on December 31, 2017.

If you don’t know what that means and missed our previous blog posts here and here, or the Notices page, here’s a quick summary:

In the past, applicants have downloaded and filled out a single, big, stitched PDF application package that contained all the forms (i.e., the “legacy PDF application package”). To work as a team, you had to email the file back-and-forth while making sure all are using the same exact version of Adobe software.

How Do I Apply for a Grant, Then?!

To improve your application experience with, we launched Workspace in October 2015. Since its launch, we have added functionality and developed training resources that have helped many applicants transition to Workspace.

By December 31, 2017, the 2+ year lead time for transitioning will end and the legacy PDF application package will be retired.

Okay, I Get It. How Do I Apply using Workspace?

We can help with that. First, read through this overview of how to apply for grants using Workspace, which has pages that explain the full process and roles. There are links to more specific instructions on those pages as well.

Prefer video? Watch the Learning Workspace Video Series below:

If you are still looking for more, read through the Workspace Roles 3-part series on how the core roles work together as a team: #1 Manage Workspace Role, #2 Workspace Participants, and #3 Authorized Organizational Representatives (AOR) Role.

There’s also online help covering how-to instructions and finer details of the system. Of course, as you use workspace there are blue question mark icons that link directly to help articles for that page.

ContactPlease let us know what you think in the comments below or on Twitter @grantsdotgov.

5 thoughts on “It’s Going Away: The Legacy PDF Application Package Will Be Retired.

  1. as I’m just finding out most of these opportunities in the past couple weeks. Its all very overwhelming. Im buying my house from a relative on land contract & the utilities are in Her name bcuz I clnt get n mine bcuz of other. Bills That were not. Paid due tto a series of occurances.. I’m diabled , I also receive SSd , but not enough t pay bills,inclu food,repairs ,house insurance and provide for My 15 yr old son l. Yes ln supposed to get A set amount of CS. But He pays what He can. My “worker. ” hasnt been the most helpful since I fell & broke my back I had No choice but to file for help.
    IM JUST. VER Overwhelmed. Here. SMH. I keep getting text they found help for me but when I go on page ,it asked me about go in back to school. I can barely. Sit long enough to fill this out.
    I’m not getting better.


  2. Well I used the workspace for a grant previously and now I am doing my second grant. In theory this is a good concept but PROBLEM: the system crashes – you open and work on a file, save it and it says “file saved”. Then you try to close by clicking the close button. – nothing – you get your little swirling blob going for ever – never stops….and finally you get a message “error 404” – !!! then your file is locked. On the grant I am working on now, it’s not possible to use workspace as it is advertised. All my files ended up being locked on the side!! The only solution, which is painful, is to download every file, work on it, save it to your computer, then upload the file to Workspace. This is not how adveritized the function of this system. I have submitted multiple reports, but its still happening. I used multiple browsers – same result.


    1. Hi Joseph, we’re sorry to hear that your online forms are not saving and closing properly. May we ask what specific online forms you are completing? Also, have you reached out to the Call Center (1-800-518-4726) for assistance?

      One suggestion: Try creating a new workspace for the same funding opportunity (it should take just a couple of minutes) and see if you are having the same issue in the new workspace.

      While not all application forms are currently available in the online format, we are rolling out new online forms monthly. Please keep us posted and/or feel free to contact the Call Center. They should be able to take a look at your workspace. (By the way, any PDF forms you have already filled out can be reused and uploaded into the new workspace, if you choose to create a new one.)


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