What Is a Grant Manager? (Part 2) Grant Recipients

The grants lifecycle is complicated and requires an array of skills to manage. That is why grant managers are so important. In Part 1 of What Is a Grant Manager? we discussed federal grant managers, and in part 2 we will focus on the staff who manage grants received from federal agencies.

First, the job title “grant manager” is not necessarily the title everyone will have, but to keep it simple we use this term to refer to the grant professionals working to plan, write, implement, and report on federal grants.

What Does a Grant Manager Do?

As we mentioned, a grant manager may be tasked with managing the entire grants lifecycle, from writing the grant proposal to completing progress reports (and lots more in between). This is more likely to occur in smaller recipient organizations, whereas grant managers at larger organizations may have job responsibilities more specialized and focused on specific parts of the grants lifecycle. Of course, this is a generalization and not always the case.

Specific examples of a grant manager’s tasks:

  • Evaluating whether a grant aligns with their organization’s mission
  • Writing the grant proposal
  • Developing budgets for the grant proposal
  • Point of contact with the federal grant manager
  • Work with federal grant manager as they conduct site visits & reviews
  • Complete federal financial and programmatic progress reports

That’s General Info—I Want More Extensive Information

Here are some additional resources for grant professionals: GPA, GRC, GS, NGMA, PG, and TGCI. If you are interested in learning more or networking with grant professionals, check out the Grant Events page. You also may want to check out the #grantchat community of grant professionals on Twitter.

Note: Links shared in this post are not endorsements of an organization or its commercial products. These are shared as a service to the grants community.

You will also want to check out our recent Part 1 and Part 2 blog posts about free resources for grant applicants.

ContactPlease post a comment below or on Twitter if you have experience or information that will help the grant community answer the question, “What is a grant manager?”

13 thoughts on “What Is a Grant Manager? (Part 2) Grant Recipients

  1. The first link in the list of additional resources is for GPA the Grant Professionals Association (www.grantprofessionals.org). GPA provides resources for grant professionals for the tasks listed in this post and additional training resources. Our affiliate, Grant Professional Certification Institute, certifies grant professionals with the Grant Professional Certified(sm) credential.


  2. How do i finish up with the steps to collect the funds ,please i was told i could collect it at walmart ,if needed too that it was for 9,000$ does this sound right .? I was givin a code to remember.


  3. Hi Guys,

    I hope all is well with everyone. I am a new non profit organization and needs to learn how to prepare grant proposals fast. Can anyone direct me to a resource that will train or have courses for entry level grant writer seeking to learn online or in New Jersey.


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