What Is the Difference Between Grants.gov and Benefits.gov? #ReplyAll

Every month, Grants.gov receives a significant amount of queries from users hoping to apply for personal financial assistance from the federal government. These individuals might be looking for home repair grants or forms of disability assistance.

Others are unfortunately driven to Grants.gov by scam artists posing as agents of Grants.gov (or some made-up variant) who promise “free government grants” in exchange for monthly fees or gift cards.

What is the difference between Grants.gov and Benefits.gov?

As we have stated before on this blog, it’s important to make a general distinction between individuals (i.e., one person) seeking government assistance and organizations (e.g., a university, state government, or nonprofit) applying for a federal grant.

If you are an individual seeking government assistance, you should go to Benefits.gov. There, you will find eligibility information for a wide range of offerings, including disaster relief, disability assistance, business loans, child care support, and energy assistance, among many more.

The website also has an extremely helpful tool, called Benefit Finder, that can guide you to any federal assistance programs for which you are eligible to apply.

Grants.gov, on the other hand, is a web application that publishes funding opportunities from federal government agencies and serves as a digital mailbox for grant applications submitted by nonprofit organizations, universities, institutions, local governments, and other entities.

Grants published on Grants.gov fund the development and management of government programs and projects that benefit the public in some way.

If you are a researcher, grant manager, local government employee, or principal investigator looking to fund work that will benefit the general public, then you are in the right place. Click here to begin searching for grants relevant to your field or industry.

To learn more about Grants.gov and its services, visit the homepage, follow us on Twitter, or subscribe to future blog posts using the email field in the right-hand column.

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