Workspace: Fast, Easy to Use, and Secure

For years, applicants have applied for federal grants by submitting a package of PDF forms.

But on Dec. 31, 2017, will officially retire the legacy PDF package as a method to apply for a federal grant. Why? There’s now a fast, easy, and secure alternative to apply for federal grants called Workspace. Workspace is an online environment optimized for applicants who are collaborating on an application.

Forms can either be completed online within a web browser or downloaded individually and uploaded to Workspace.

Applicants who have already made the switch say Workspace is saving them time and making the application process easier.

Browse our YouTube channel today and plan to use Workspace when applying for your next federal grant.

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48 thoughts on “ Workspace: Fast, Easy to Use, and Secure

  1. I need help. Our company is such a new idea I cannot find any grants or funding opportunities available. Can you please help us. We are a nail polish company that is marketed to include those with visual impairments, religious restrictions or work regulations against polish. We are a new one of a kind truly scented polish made with non toxic ingredients. We have added braille to our labeling to include those with visual impairments, our employees are learning sign language to communicate with those with hearing loss. The idea is not exclude a single individual in our marketing efforts. We need assistance obtaining FDA approval and other equipment for marketing, any ideas where to find help for our company?


    1. To find currently open federal funding opportunities, please go to the Search Grants tab on

      We recommend reading through the Grants 101 section of the Grants Learning Center to better understand federal grants before applying for a grant:

      For information about the Food and Drug Administration and regulations regarding products and services under their jurisdiction, please go to


    1. Agreed. Was thinking exactly the same thing when I say your comment. I submitted 63 proposals in a recent 6 week period, ONE last Sept. in “Workspace” but I have no memory of the submission. Fewer tutorials, more access to the system!!


  2. this is useless information. Use workspace but do not show how to create one. Typical government. I’m sure they wasted millions developing a byzantine unusable system.


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