Register for the Workspace Webinar

Register today for the Getting Started with Workspace: Become a Workspace Wizard webinar presented by the Program Management Office (PMO).

Register Today for the Become a Workspace Wizard Webinar

Workspace is’s shared, online environment to collaboratively complete and submit federal grant applications. With the retirement of the Legacy PDF application method on December 31, 2017, is providing this free webinar to help get you started with using Workspace.

In this session, the Program Management Office will spend the first 30 minutes demonstrating how to submit an application using Workspace. The remainder of the time will be dedicated to answering your questions.

In this webinar, applicants will learn about…

  • Creating a Workspace
  • Managing Participants & Roles
  • Completing the Application Forms within Workspace
  • Submitting via Workspace

Space will be limited, so do not delay! Register now for one of our free webinar sessions and learn how to apply for federal grants using Workspace. Registration closes the day before each event. Once you have registered, you will receive a confirmation email with additional details.

Questions? Please email the team at

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  1. Christopher West-Davis Senior Project Officer Sponsored Project Administration Columbia University 212-305-3673



  2. This sounds great, thanks. Will you be posting a recording of this webinar for those who can’t attend any of the 3 live ones? If so, when would you expect to post it?

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    1. Hi Amanda, based on demand for the webinars, we plan to offer more live sessions to make the questions and answers portion available to more people. We are also looking into recording the webinars.


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