What Is a CFDA Number?

The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA), an E-Gov initiative managed by GSA.gov, is a list of all federal financial assistance programs available to a variety of applicants.

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“The primary purpose of the Catalog is to assist users in identifying programs that meet specific objectives of the potential applicant, and to obtain general information on Federal assistance programs,” reads an overview on the CFDA website. It is also used to improve coordination amongst federal, state, and local government entities.

CFDA numbers are the system for identifying and sorting the 2,000+ federal programs. Each CFDA number is five digits in the format ##.### (e.g., 10.001 or 98.102).

CFDA website, Programs tab

How Does CFDA and Grants Relate?

Each grant opportunity posted on Grants.gov has a CFDA number. Grants.gov allows you to search based on the CFDA number or CFDA program title.

So, if you find a federal program that you are interested in applying for, and you know the CFDA number for that program, go to the Search Grants tab on Grants.gov and search by either the CFDA number or title:

Grants.gov Search Grants tab

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