Video: How to Create a Workspace & Begin Work on Your Application

With the retirement of the Legacy PDF Package on December 31, 2017, saw an influx of new applicant users registering accounts and preparing to submit their first application using Workspace.

If you’re one of these applicants who are new to Workspace, we encourage you to watch and bookmark the video embedded below.

In just under two-and-a-half minutes, you will learn each step on the way to setting up your first Workspace application.

You will learn – among other things – how to

  • Ensure you have the Manage Workspace role (a requirement for organizational applications to create a workspace. Individual applicants do not need roles.)
  • Create a workspace from the View Grant Opportunity page of your chosen grant
  • Enter the Application Filing Name for your grant application

Once you have created your first workspace, please consider watching the rest of the videos in the Learning Workspace series. These videos will equip you to submit your first application using Workspace.

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