User Story Collection: How the Federal Grants Community Uses

The characters in our User Story blog series don’t have super-powers. But, the wide-ranging ways they use the system reflect time-saving and efficiency-building methods that real-world users can employ. User Story Series

Here, we collect the user story narratives we have published so far in 2018.

Take a few minutes to browse the story summaries below and read or bookmark the posts that are relevant to your own user experience. Each post contains tips for making your user experience more convenient, whether you are an applicant or a grantor.





Would you like us to highlight scenarios that you face as a user? Please share them in the comment section below, and we will consider addressing select scenarios in future blog posts.

One thought on “User Story Collection: How the Federal Grants Community Uses

  1. What would really help, I think would be to categorize each grant according to topic, like art, music, disabilities, etc. IMHO.


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