Release 16.2 This Weekend, April 21-22

This weekend is undergoing maintenance for Release 16.2, so the system will not be available until Monday, April 23, 2018. Also next week, the Mobile App will go live in Google Play and the Apple App Store.

release 16.2

To review the upcoming enhancements, you can read these Release Preview blog posts:

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Release 16.2 Preview: Core Roles and Custom Roles in Workspace

With the coming system update, is adding “custom roles.” We will still have “core roles” (i.e., Workspace Manager, Standard AOR, and Expanded AOR), which the majority of applicant organizations will continue to use.

Custom roles will allow “the privileges associated with these roles…to be mixed and matched with custom roles that applicant organizations can create and name for their own internal workflows.”

If this sounds like it may work better with your grant application process, more detailed information is available in the Release 16.2 Preview: Custom Roles to Give Applicant Organizations More Control post.

Pros and Cons for Using Custom Roles

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Release Preview: Applying Made More Clear in R16.2

Based on community feedback, we are making it easier to start your grant application. After the release goes live April 23rd, you will find a red Apply button on the View Grant Opportunity page regardless of which tab of the funding opportunity announcement you are in.

View Grant Opportunity page

If you are not logged in to, the Apply button will first direct you to log in to, then you can quickly create a workspace to begin your grant application.

Before Release 16.2 goes live, to start your grant application you need to navigate to the View Grant Opportunity page, access the Package tab, click the Apply link in the tab, then click the Create Workspace button. So, this change saves you a couple clicks and some time.

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SAM Updates Its Registration Process

Last week, the System for Award Management (SAM) updated its registration process, which is required before an organization can receive a federal grant. Now, when you register a new entity in SAM to do business with the U.S. government, SAM requires you to send an original, signed notarized letter stating you are the authorized entity administrator before SAM will activate your registration.

System for Award Management logo

Wondering to yourself, “How do I complete my entity administrator notarized letter?” Read this FAQ from the Federal Service Desk (FSD) for more information.

Looking for more detailed information about this change, who is impacted, or wondering why it was made? Read this SAM Update from the General Services Administration (GSA).

Here’s a Sneak Peek at the Official Mobile App (Coming Soon)

In late April, will release a mobile app that gives applicants convenient access to search and notification tools when they are away from their desk. The app will be available on both the Google Play and iTunes app stores.

Search by keyword, CFDA number, or agency code

While you won’t be able to apply for a grant from within the app, you will be able to do the following: Continue reading Here’s a Sneak Peek at the Official Mobile App (Coming Soon) Workspace & Goodbye to Legacy PDF

The time has come to bid a final goodbye to the Legacy PDF Application Package. After March 31, 2017, will no longer accept Legacy PDF submissions.

Going forward, users should apply by creating a workspace on the View Grant Opportunity page of the desired grant. For first time users, try the basic approach to Workspace:

workspace basic

We have posted below a recording of a recent webinar demonstration that walks you step by step through the application process.

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Beginning this Saturday, November 18, 2017, will add improvements to funding opportunity subscription management, account registration, and Workspace. The website will be back up on November 20th. Release 16.1 on November 18-20

Release 16.1’s Workspace enhancements will, among other things, improve form copy functionality—this feature allows you to copy previous Workspace forms into another Workspace to save time on filling out those forms. Here are the specifics:

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Updated Instructions for Grantors to Include in Funding Opportunity Announcements

If you have followed this blog for more than a week, you have heard about Workspace—the standard federal grants application method on

Illustration of a federal building

For those of you federal grant managers out there, you also know how much work goes into developing and posting a funding opportunity announcement (FOA). In addition to all the programmatic and financial information and requirements, there are also the nuts-and-bolts how-to instructions to guide applicants in responding and applying for the grant.

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Release 16.1 Preview: Enhancements to Opportunity and Saved Search Subscriptions

With Release 16.1, will be adding an Opportunity Subscription Management feature that allows users to update their subscriptions to saved searches and funding opportunities. (Currently, once a subscription is created, there is no way to update it). This enhancement will be deployed on November 20, 2017.

Here are some of the features coming with the release:

One-Click Saves

Subscribe to Opportunity button

Logged-in users will be able to subscribe to a funding opportunity – including forecast, synopsis and package – with a single click on the View Grant Opportunity page. Also, users can save searches from the Search Grants page.

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