Release 16.0 Is Live! Here’s What You Need to Know

The latest updates to the system bring significant improvements to Workspace to better accommodate our diverse group of applicants. Below are the essentials for this release and links to more detailed information.

Release 16.0 is now live

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What Is a Block Grant? [Updated]

A block grant is a specific type of federal financial assistance for a broadly defined function. Before getting into the nuance of block grants, it may be helpful to know what we mean by the terms “federal financial assistance” and “grant.”

Block grants are primarily awarded by the federal government to U.S. state or territory governments, although some block grants are awarded directly to local governments (e.g., Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Entitlement Program to cities and counties on a formula basis). The block grant recipients then implement the programs within those broadly defined functions (i.e., the purpose & parameters defined by legislation).

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#FundingFriday – Top 5 Most Viewed Grants in May (1st-18th)

Here are the five federal grant opportunities that are getting the most views so far this month. These grants range from the promotion of religious tolerance in Afghanistan to improving health workforce training in the United States of America.

Funding Friday icon

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What Is a Grant Forecast?

Sunny with a slight chance of competition? Cold and gloomy thanks to freezing funds?

While federal grant applicants may at times face such varying climates, the grant forecasts we refer to here are previews of potential funding opportunities that a grant-making agency plans to announce in the future.

Applicants can search for grant forecasts just as they would for funding opportunities – by using Search.

How to Search for Grant Forecasts

By checking “Forecasted” under Opportunity Status, searches can be tailored to turn up forecasted opportunities.

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#FundingFriday: Federal Grants for the Great Outdoors

Funding Friday iconThis week’s #FundingFriday post highlights recent funding opportunity announcements that share an interest in protecting and promoting an enjoyment of the great outdoors. The federal agencies posting these grants are the Department of the Interior, the National Science Foundation, the Department of Commerce and the Environmental Protection Agency.

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#FundingFriday: New Grants in the New Year

With a new year, there are also new opportunities to apply for federal grants. Federal agencies have posted over 25 opportunities so far in 2017, so here’s a sampling of the array of grants you should look into.

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1. Department of Justice (DOJ) – Enhanced Training and Services to End Abuse in Later Life Program

The Office on Violence Against Women (OVW) posted this discretionary grant program that provides or enhances training and services to address elder abuse, neglect, and exploitation—including sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, or stalking, involving victims who are 50 years of age or older. Continue reading #FundingFriday: New Grants in the New Year

#FundingFriday: 5 Federal Grants Posted This Week

Every month, scores of federal funding opportunity announcements are posted to Here are five highlights from this week by the Department of the Interior, the Department of Education, National Archives and Records Administration, the Department of Defense, and the Department of Commerce.

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1. Department of the Interior National Park Service – Historic Resource Study: Fort Stanwix and the Underground Railroad

This project aims to produce a Historic Resource Study that documents the nineteenth-century history of Fort Stanwix National Monument (NM) and surrounding communities and their association with the Underground Railroad, the antebellum abolitionist movement, and other important social reform movements in central New York before and after the Civil War.

2. Department of Education – OCTAE: Providing High-Quality Career and Technical Education Programs for Underserved, High-Need Youth Through a Pay for Success (PFS) Model

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