Thank You for Your Feedback in the User Survey

Thank you, grants community, for the great response to the User Survey!

In August, we asked you for your honest opinions on a range of topics, and over 6,000 of you from the applicant and grantor communities shared your feedback.

  • 33% of applicant responses came from nonprofit organizations
  • 17% of applicant responses came from state and local governments
  • Statistically significant response rates also came from 9 other groups, which are: academic institutions, individuals, small businesses, for-profit organizations, tribal organizations, public housing authorities, research institutions, faith-based organizations, and grantors

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What’s Next?

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Video:’s New Saved Search Management Features

It is now much easier to save and manage your searches for grant opportunities, thanks to’s latest release.

Simply log in, search, and save.

After naming your saved search, you will receive email notifications when new grants meeting your search criteria are posted. You can also review your saved searches at any time and edit or delete the records.

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Video:’s New Registration Process

When applicants registered with prior to Release 16.1, they were required to enter a DUNS Number as part of the registration process.

Today, this is no longer the case. Applicants can opt to register a account without a DUNS number.

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And we’re back! Thank you for your patience. Release 16.1 is up and running, so here is what you need to know:release161-postlaunch-blog

Connect [New] – Improved funding opportunity subscription management, email notifications, and social media access.

Outreach [Moved] – To accommodate the new neighbor, Outreach moved in with Support. The calendar, notices, releases, and other info previously in the Outreach tab can now be found in the Support tab.

Register [Upgraded] – Create an account to utilize the enhanced subscription services. Add a profile to apply for grants.

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Sticky Notes from the September Federal Demonstration Partnership Meeting

At the Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP) meeting in early September, the team had the chance to interact with users from all over the country. In our conversations with those of you who attended, we heard interesting and valuable feedback about the service that provides. We are grateful for your open and honest input about our system and look forward to hearing more.

Send us your feedback:

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You Still Have Time to Respond! Survey Closes Friday, September 22nd

There are only three days left to respond to the User Survey. We want to understand how you use our website and where we can improve.

Fill Out Survey button

So far, we have received some thoughtful, constructive responses, but the more we hear, the better! Make your voice heard and encourage your friends and colleagues to complete the survey as well.

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‘Harmonizing’ U.S. Federal Grant Terminology

The U.S. federal government is in the midst of an effort to fix inconsistencies in the terminology used across federal financial assistance application forms. The home for the newly “harmonized” terms is the Common Data Element Repository Library, or CDER Library.

CDER Library logo

Over the years, synonymous data elements on federal grant forms have sometimes been used interchangeably. For example, forms from different systems and applications have listed “address” as “Street 1”, as “Address Line 1” or as “Street Address Line 1”.

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Read This Before You Respond to SAM-Related Spam

If you have been in the federal grants community for any time at all, you probably know that your organization needs an account with the System for Award Management (SAM), or, to do business (e.g., receive grants) from the U.S. government.

SAM registration is relatively simple (you’ll need a DUNS number), and it’s free. However, there is no shortage of spam calls and emails offering paid services to register and maintain your registration. These can cost hundreds of dollars, but be cautious when responding to such appeals. Registering, renewing, and updating your SAM registration is absolutely free.

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What Is the Difference Between and #ReplyAll

Every month, receives a significant amount of queries from users hoping to apply for personal financial assistance from the federal government. These individuals might be looking for home repair grants or forms of disability assistance.

Others are unfortunately driven to by scam artists posing as agents of (or some made-up variant) who promise “free government grants” in exchange for monthly fees or gift cards.

What is the difference between and

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Last year brought a lot of changes and enhancements to the program, and you can find detailed information and statistics in the Annual Report for Fiscal Year (FY) 2016.

If you don’t have time to read through the full report, here are a few key highlights from FY16:

Annual Report Highlights

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