Workspace Celebrates Two Years’s Workspace, which just marked its second birthday, has seen remarkable user growth, especially over the last year. More than 15,000 organizations are now applying for federal grants with Workspace.

Before Workspace existed, the federal grant application process involved submitting a single package of PDF forms that had to be shared among collaborators.’s Workspace adds a range of modern, time-saving features that bring flexibility and convenience to the core task of completing application forms.

Workspace celebrates two years

Need some help getting started with Workspace? Watch a recording of our October 18th webinar on “Becoming a Workspace Wizard.”

Workspace Webinar Video and Recap – What You Missed

For those who missed’s live webinars on applying with Workspace, here is the webinar recording, along with a summary of the common questions we heard from the grants community.

Common Questions and the Answers

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Register for the Workspace Webinar

Register today for the Getting Started with Workspace: Become a Workspace Wizard webinar presented by the Program Management Office (PMO).

Register Today for the Become a Workspace Wizard Webinar

Workspace is’s shared, online environment to collaboratively complete and submit federal grant applications. With the retirement of the Legacy PDF application method on December 31, 2017, is providing this free webinar to help get you started with using Workspace.

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7 Online User Guide Articles to Get You Started With Workspace

With the Legacy PDF retirement approaching, many users are reaching out with questions about how to submit their first application using Workspace.

A few users are not aware that has developed an Online User Guide that is always just a click away. Help link

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Become a Workspace Wizard: Learn How to Restrict Access to Budget Forms

One of’s most recent enhancements gives the Workspace Owner, AORs with MPIN access, and the E-Business Point of Contact (EBiz POC) the ability to restrict access to budget forms.

These forms often contain confidential information, such as salary data. With Release 16.0, participants in a workspace can be prevented from viewing budget forms.

Become a Workspace Wizard

Learn how to do this as a Workspace Owner or as an AOR with MPIN access, and you will be one step closer to becoming your organization’s in-house Workspace Wizard (funny-looking hat not required).

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Shared Services in Federal Government &

Many federal agencies conduct similar types of work, such as awarding federal grants. While the mission and specific goals of each grant program vary, many of the processes for posting, applying for, managing, and reporting on federal grants are the same. This is where federal shared services come in. Rather than each agency developing & maintaining the same services, the costs and benefits are shared. In this role, serves its purpose—to be a shared service for both the public and federal agencies.

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Become a Workspace Wizard – Lesson 1: Collaborate Using Webforms

Since the release of Workspace in 2015, has been hard at work integrating new features for applicants submitting federal grant applications.

To help you master the most important of these enhancements, we have developed a series of lessons that will turn you into a Workspace Wizard faster than you can say, “hocus-pocus, grant me focus.”

So, are you ready to learn the ways of the Workspace Wizard? Lesson 1 is especially aimed at teams of applicants who collaborate on a single federal grant application.

Become a Workspace Wizard - Lesson 1

In Workspace, applicants have a choice as to which type of form they want to complete – either PDF forms or online webforms.

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Shape the Future of

Community Conversations iconWe want to hear about your experiences with Your feedback will shape future updates and improvements to

For the team, your success is our success. So, how can help you succeed? Our first step is learning where we are already supporting you well and where there is room for improvement.

What do you love about the website? Are there things about it that make you cringe? How can we make your work easier? We want to hear it all!

Fill Out Survey button

Let us know how we are doing by responding to the User Survey. It takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. You have the power to shape the future of!

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For years, applicants have applied for federal grants by submitting a package of PDF forms.

But on Dec. 31, 2017, will officially retire the legacy PDF package as a method to apply for a federal grant. Why? There’s now a fast, easy, and secure alternative to apply for federal grants called Workspace.

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New Applicant Feature: How to Add Outside Users to a Workspace

Applicant teams sometimes bring on outside contributors and consultants to assist with their federal grant application. Until recently, these outside users needed to create a account for every applicant organization they assist – meaning that some users had to juggle dozens of separate accounts.

However, in June, eliminated this burden. Now, a single user account can be associated with workspaces across multiple organizations.

Watch this video to learn more about the arrival of this much-requested feature:

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