#FundingFriday: New Federal Grant Opportunities Posted This Week

More than 100 new funding opportunities have been published on Grants.gov this week, including announcements from the Departments of Interior, Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, and State. Grants highlighted below fund Mission blue butterfly translocation, data reporting for AIDS relief in the Republic of Zambia and a “Schools as Community Centers” pilot in Albania.

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#FundingFriday: 5 Federal Grants Posted This Week

Every month, scores of federal funding opportunity announcements are posted to Grants.gov. Here are five highlights from this week by the Department of the Interior, the Department of Education, National Archives and Records Administration, the Department of Defense, and the Department of Commerce.

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1. Department of the Interior National Park Service – Historic Resource Study: Fort Stanwix and the Underground Railroad

This project aims to produce a Historic Resource Study that documents the nineteenth-century history of Fort Stanwix National Monument (NM) and surrounding communities and their association with the Underground Railroad, the antebellum abolitionist movement, and other important social reform movements in central New York before and after the Civil War.

2. Department of Education – OCTAE: Providing High-Quality Career and Technical Education Programs for Underserved, High-Need Youth Through a Pay for Success (PFS) Model

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