Release 16.1 Preview: Funding Opportunity Subscriptions in Connect Tab

We heard your feedback, so Release 16.1 on November 20, 2017, will bring improvements to the funding opportunity and communications subscription process.

How? The new Connect tab will contain ways to subscribe to email updates and alerts. After logging in to your account, you can save custom search queries or subscribe to specific funding opportunity numbers.

Tired of receiving certain emails? Each subscription page allows you to easily turn off notifications you no longer want. The Unsubscribe page allows you to turn off all subscriptions by type. For example, if you were subscribed to 50 different funding opportunity numbers, you would unsubscribe from all 50 with a couple clicks.

If you need help managing your subscriptions, click the blue question mark icon in to access the pertinent help article in the Online User Guide.

Connect Center page. Click links after the Manage Subscriptions header.

Do you have questions about Release 16.1? Read the Release Notes or let us know by commenting on Twitter or below in the comments section. Comment Policy and Privacy Notice.

4 thoughts on “Release 16.1 Preview: Funding Opportunity Subscriptions in Connect Tab

  1. Dear Sir /madam

    Please we homeless we are old couple we have unemployment 3 boys 1 daughter still in school 2 grandchildren still in school the parents dare past away .we got site but can’t afford to build the house we tried build 3 room but its fell because wind and rain in Durban south Now our neighbour gave us a shelter until we build again please we need help no 1 working in the house


    1. They will add a profile to their account. Profiles were added in Release 15.4 to improve user account management, and Release 16.1 is continuing that effort with registration. Below are a two links for more information. Also note, we will publish updated how-to instructions and videos when Release 16.1 goes live November 20th.


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